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The DWI Task Force has reviewed the top Spring, Texas DWI Lawyers and listed our favorites below.

Because DWI/DUI defense can be difficult, the best defense is to never get a DUI and call a cab when you are over the limit. The average Spring Texas DWI fine ranges between $8,000 and $12,000. For most people, this is the equivalent of a lifetime of cab rides.

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When in doubt, don’t drink and drive because.08 represents fewer than five drinks for most people, and even if many people don’t believe they feel any effects at.08, police will still arrest the person at or near this level.

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Joe Cannon [(713) 960-0777] is a criminal trial lawyer based in Spring, TX. He has received numerous Not Guilty verdicts and Dismissals in Spring Texas, The Woodlands and Harris County. He is a graduate of Houston, Texas’ prestigious South Texas College of Law. At Joe Cannon’s law firm, your criminal case will be given Mr. Cannon’s undivided attention and will not be passed from one partner to the next.

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I were introduced to Joe Cannon as a result of a DWI charge, and I was very impressed with him to say the least. He’s a very knowledgeable lawyer who kept me updated every step of the way. I would strongly advise anyone looking for an experienced attorney to hire him. His efforts were rewarded when the charges were dropped! This is the lawyer you want on your side!!! – Read on Google Maps

Most people have two goals after they have been arrested for DWI.

  1. they want to save their drivers license and continue to drive.
  2. is there a way to beat the arrest or get the charges reduced?

And those two goals are DWI Lawyers as well. This is how to take care of it….

In regards to keeping your drivers license; you have 15 days after your arrest to get an Administrative License Hearing (ALR). This hearing is your only chance to save your drivers license or get an occupational drivers license. So the first thing they do for their clients is to get that hearing scheduled as soon as possible. In some cases, you don’t even have to attend the hearing.

In regards to beating the arrest or getting the charges reduced; Former prosecutors are fortunate to be able to offer unique skills that few other Spring DWI Attorneys can claim because they have worked on both sides of the table.

With the experience they have, your chances of a positive outcome with your case increases significantly. They understand how the prosecutors will proceed against you and how your case will wind its way through our court system. And because of that experience, they can spot any weaknesses in the states case and where their strong points are as well.

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Texas Field Sobriety Test Accuracy

A good Spring DUI attorney will tell you that if a second field sobriety test is given then you failed the first field sobriety test and the officer is gathering additional evidence to help the state’s case. The officer is also using this test to potentially ask the detained person additional questions such as how much have your been drinking? And make additional observations.

A few of the standard Spring TX DUI field sobriety tests are the following:

  • Gaze Nystagmus
  • One Leg Stand
  • Walk and Turn
  • Finger to Nose
  • Backward Count
  • Rhomberg Balance
  • Finger Count

If the field sobriety test is videotaped then the jury can see for themselves what transpired. If no video evidence is present the officer should be forced to explain why another police car was not called that had video capabilities, or if his car did have video capabilities and they were not used then this should be used for a compelling case for reasonable doubt.

One critical thing to remember about a Spring DWI is that few cases ever go to trial so police officers do become sloppy because most people take some form of plea-deal.
A police officer cannot pull a car over without a legitimate reason.

BAC Tests in Texas

There are two types of chemical tests that are typically administered to determine blood alcohol levels. A Breath test is the most common and the alternative test is the blood test.

Breath Test

Technical Issues that a Texas dui attorney will inquire about are as follows:

  • Last date the machine was calibrated
  • Up to date certification of the person operating the machine
  • Potential Recalls on the Machine
  • Standard Deviation for the test sample of the machine / Number of Standard Deviations applied for margin of error
  • Service Records for the Machine

For a Blood Test the technical issues are as follows :
Serum or Whole blood Test

  • Conversion factor used in converting serum into whole blood sample
  • Calibration data for the lab instrument testing the alcohol level
  • Margin for error for the machine
  • Standard Deviation for the test sample of the machine / Standard deviation applied to margin of error
  • Prep for blood draw match protocol prepared by the doctor
  • Chain of custody of the sample

Always ask to retest a serum sample, especially if no blood preservative was used, this is because the sample will increase its alcohol level over time. This is for two reasons:

  • Blood platelets will begin adhering to the side of the vial
  • The glucose in the blood will begin fermenting

Remember it only a minute amount of alcohol in the blood stream to greatly alter the test results. The retest will result in a much higher BAC level. The prosecution will therefore have to explain that due to the blood sample sitting the alcohol level increased over time. The defense will be able to point out two major issues with this:

  • The hospital could have added a blood preservative and did not do so jeopardizing the ability for the person to defend themselves.
  • Clearly for some reason the blood sample increase in alcohol level once it leaves the human body. It is impossible to say how much the alcohol level increased from the time the blood sample left the body until the time it was initially tested. (but clearly it does go up)


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DWI Lawyer Spring TX – DUI is rated as a class “C” misdemeanor. In Texas, you are legally intoxicated when your blood alcohol concentration reaches 0.08 percent, but you are breaking the law the moment drugs or alcohol impair your ability to drive.

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