19 Best Milwaukee DUI Lawyers – OWI Criminal Defense Attorneys

In Wisconsin you will see drunk driving charges referred to as DUI, DWI, or OWI. A licensed Milwaukee DUI Attorney will actually tell you that the “official” charge is OWI [Operating a motor-vehicle While Intoxicated].

Milwaukee OWI / DUI Lawyers

The DWITaskForce has reviewed the top Milwaukee, Wisconsin OWI Lawyers and listed our favorites below.

Seipel Law, PLLC

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The Milwaukee DUI Attorneys at Seipel Law, LLC help clients with criminal defense law matters.

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It can be intimidating working with a large, corporate law firm.

You can think of Seipel Law as your neighbor, because we are your neighbor. Our connection to the area makes it easy to form a trusting relationship, which Seipel Law considers to be a very important and essential part of the legal process.

Don’t face the WI criminal “justice” system alone. Protect your constitutional rights, hire an attorney who is passionate about defending your rights and your freedom.

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Milwaukee DUI Lawyer – Reviews

Saving Your Driver’s License After A Wisconsin OWI Charge

It’s a well known fact that the State of Wisconsin will revoke your license if you are convicted of too many drunk driving charges. The attorneys listed herein may be able to help you save your license or they can help you obtain your Wisconsin Occupational License.

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Anderson & O’Connell, S.C.

Given that this your first time dealing with an OWI arrest, you likely have many questions. In fact this may be your first time dealing with the court system. It is certainly a difficult and stressful time. We understand that. We are willing to answer your questions. We will do all we can to lower your stress level. Here are some common OWI questions and answers.

A first offense OWI – DUI in Wisconsin is not a criminal charge, but rather a civil traffic citation. Don’t get us wrong, that does not mean it is nothing to worry about. Any sort of drunk driving conviction can and will have serious consequences. -AndersonOconnell.com

Robert W. Keller, Attorney at Law

Backed by over 25 years of experience handling all types of criminal cases, criminal defense attorney Robert W. Keller has been recognized by his clients and his peers for delivering high-quality legal services and outcomes that exceed expectations.

Attorney Keller handles criminal cases only. For clients, their case is the most important case that exists, whether it is a serious felony accusation or a lesser misdemeanor. Mr. Keller gives each case the utmost attention. He prides himself on being accessible to clients, providing sincere legal advice, and relentlessly pursuing the outcome needed for his client.

Robert W. Keller represents clients charged with crimes anywhere in the state of Wisconsin. However, most of his cases are venued in Racine and Kenosha counties.

Mr. Keller believes that clients are best served by smart lawyers who know the local protocols and are familiar with the local judges and prosecutors. -RKellerLaw.com

Cafferty Law Office, S.C.

Patrick Cafferty is an experienced and driven Racine criminal defense attorney who handles each case personally. Since 1994, he has been representing clients in the Racine & Kenosha area facing criminal charges. In that time, he has earned the respect of clients, prosecutors and judges, as well as many of the major players in the legal community. His record of successful case outcomes as well as his dedication to his clients have earned him a place in the Best Lawyers in America®2012-2015 editions for Criminal Defense as well as inclusion as a Wisconsin Super Lawyer® from 2008 through 2014.

Attorney Cafferty has also received the distinguished AV rating from Martindale Hubbell.

At Cafferty Law Office, you are an individual, not just another case number and will be treated as such. When you work with our firm, we’ll first take the time to ask about and understand your individual circumstances so that we can create a unique defense strategy that addresses your specific needs and goals. We have the depth of experience and ability to conduct thorough pretrial investigations and preparation for court as we works toward the results you seek. -CaffertyLaw.com

Huppertz and Powers, S.C.

In Wisconsin Driving Under The Influence Laws, a DUI is called an OWI (operating while intoxicated).You may also be charged with operating with a prohibited alcohol concentration (.08 or more, or .02 if it is a fourth offense or greater) or operating with a detectable amount of a controlled substance (drugged driving).

In most cases, your driver’s license is suspended 30 days after an OWI/DWI arrest and if you drive after Revocation you get Charge of  Operating After Revocation in Wisconsin. If you have a commercial driver’s license (CDL), you will lose that license as well, even if you have been accused of drunk driving in your personal vehicle.

Even for a first offense of drunk driving, the Wisconsin OWI/DWI penalties for drunk driving can be severe. -WaukeshaCriminalAttorneys.com

Kim and Lavoy – DUI Lawyers in Milwaukee

Anyone who drinks alcohol and drives a motor vehicle risks being arrested and charged with drunk driving. Law enforcement officers everywhere have stepped up their efforts to keep intoxicated drivers off the road. One common misunderstanding is that a person needs to be “drunk” in order to be arrested for this offense. The reality is that many people are arrested for drunk driving after having only a few drinks. Unfortunately, a brief lapse in judgment can result in long-term negative consequences such as jail, a criminal conviction, and the loss of your driving privileges for an extended period of time.

In addition, more and more people are being arrested for “impaired driving” or driving while under the influence of prescription medication. These situations pose unique challenges because people may be arrested even though they are following their doctor’s orders.

If you’ve been arrested for drunk driving or impaired driving, you need an experienced criminal defense firm to properly defend your case and provide you with sound legal advice. -KimAndLavoy.com

Grieve Law

Don’t confuse a lengthy career with experience. Sometimes the lawyers who have been around for a long time are more apathetic and lackadaisical in their defense strategies as opposed to lawyers who have the hunger and fight to win cases.

Another unique attribute to look for regarding experienced is a lawyer who has experience in both prosecution and defense work. These DUI lawyers have a unique advantage in the court system and over other Milwaukee DUI defense lawyers.

Most importantly, look for lawyers in Milwaukee experienced in DUIs. An attorney who tells you they are qualified to work on all types of cases isn’t necessarily being dishonest, but it’s a red flag that they don’t really have experience in DUI cases. If you find a lawyer who claims to have experience in DUI law, ask them about their background and what types of clients they have represented in the past. This is often a great way to really learn more about how an attorney operates and can help you determine if they are qualified for cases like yours. -GrieveLaw.com

Mishlove And Stuckert, LLC

Andrew Mishlove and Lauren Stuckert are the lawyers who teach other lawyers how to defense OWI DUI cases. 

Not only are they both on the faculty of the National College for DUI Defense (the ABA-accredited organization), but Andrew Mishlove is also the developer and course director of the Serious Science: Blood Analysis and Trial Advocacy courses, a program offered to lawyers at the premises of the University of Texas – Arlington. These are the nation’s most advanced courses in forensic science and trial advocacy.

Call the lawyers that other lawyers call when they need help.  Since 1981, we have been Wisconsin’s pre-eminent DUI defense firm.  We are ready to listen to you and we are ready to fight for you! -Wisconsin-OWI.com